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Monday, March 25, 2019

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency (Intense Psychological Thriller) by A.B. Alexander

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency 
(Intense Psychological Thriller) 
by A.B. Alexander 

The Voss Coin: A Killer's Currency (Intense Psychological Thriller)

A gripping psychological thriller that will make your nail clippers redundant.

The deadly dawn of innovation…

Kevin Voss is a tech code maverick working for Intelias, a Fortune 500 company based in New York. He is sent to Tokyo to contain a security breach in their systems. From the moment he boards the flight, he knows something isn't right. 

Through a string of forced sexual encounters he is blackmailed into creating a new digital currency. Now, not only is his life in danger, but also the entire financial system. If this financial atomic bomb goes off, he'll be regarded as the technological Hitler. A perfect scapegoat for their plans. 

Facing an enemy of the worst kind, he is thrust into a mind-altering journey of sex, greed, power and self-discovery. The chickens weren't coming home to roost, they were roosting everywhere.


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