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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

TO BE A KING: Volume 2 by Gunner A. Lindbloom

TO BE A KING: Volume 2 
by Gunner A. Lindbloom 

TO BE A KING: Volume 2

After eight years, Omnio “King” Falcone emerges from prison a free man, having received a rare presidential pardon. When he returns home to Detroit, he learns that the Syndicate has begun to fracture under the poor leadership of his nefarious Uncle Leoni. Some of the Families are now posturing against each other for rackets and territories. The Commission Bosses are nervous, because they have invested millions into a pair of new Detroit casinos. Something must be done before a war erupts over who should become the city’s next Boss of Boss, so they turn to King for help.

During his time in prison, King become close with several high-ranking Bosses from around the country. One of them, a powerful caporegime from the New York’s Columbo Family, has agreed to help him carry out a plan that can earn him a place at the top of the Detroit Syndicate, while at the same time leave some of the most powerful Mafia dons in the entire country indebted to him. One of the Syndicate Bosses sees his vision for the future, and has aligned himself with him. But there is deception everywhere. Even some of his own family want him dead.

The stakes are high. The risks are great. But the rewards are even greater. Can King Falcone execute a coup d’etat and seize control of the Syndicate? Or will he incite an all-out Motor City mob war? Can he overcome his own mixed blood and earn the right to his grandfather’s throne, or will he be banished from the Family? Read on, and see what it takes… TO BE A KING!

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