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Monday, March 4, 2019

Uncle of the Groom: A different kind of love story by Corey D. Smith

Uncle of the Groom: A different kind of love story 
by Corey D. Smith 

Uncle of the Groom: A different kind of love story

There are many types of love stories in the world; the love of a parent, love of a sibling, love of a best friend, childhood sweetheart, friends turned lovers. 

One thing I am sure we are all aware of, is how love can change over time. Especially for family members. One thing can happen and take two people who cared so deeply for each other and turn them into strangers. Some times, this process can take some time to occur; a series of broken promises or poor actions on one or another's part. Other times, this process can happen after one of the people speak a solitary word. 

It took Blake many years to realize that he was gay. Fortunately, he had a friend that had already gone through his process. With his friend's help, he was able to finally understand why he had been feeling so different from all of his other guy friends, and his brother. 

Saying those two little words, out loud, changed so much for Blake. His mother took the news very well. His brother, on the other hand, had a more difficult time with the news. The brothers would not speak again for several years. 

Now. . . We all have our bad days. Those days, that, once they start, feel like they will never end. Whether it be a bad day at work, coping with a break-up or in some cases, receiving devastating news.

Sometimes these bad days pass after twenty-four hours. That is the good kind of bad day. Some bad days, last a week or two before we are able to move on. But what about those bad days that last for months, or even years. Those are the really bad ones. Where you wake up in the morning, unable to think, move or sometimes, even breathe. Yes, these bad days do, also, eventually pass. Not that we ever fully recover from them, but we are able to make it through our day to day lives without the constant reminder of the thing that we thought was going to kill us. We rely on ourselves and our support group to help us move on, right?

Well, what if something else came up? Something else that shook your world. What if this time, the support group you relied so heavily upon wasn't there? Do you give up? What if giving up was not an option? What if, at the same exact moment of this new devastation, your world changed in more ways than one?

Blake supposes that this is how he is standing here today. Standing here next to his friends, his chosen family, watching his son wait for his bride to walk down the aisle. 

Blake thinks back to the morning that helped to lead him here, to this very moment. The day that changed his life forever. The day that took away one best friend from him and gave him another. The day he thought his world had ended, but in all actuality, started it on another course entirely.

To repeat: There are many types of love stories in the world. . .

Uncle of the Groom: A different kind of love story

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